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「ST」は紙名を新たに「Alpha」として2018年6月29日より新創刊しました。 Alphaのウェブサイトはこちら

人生を変える! 留学特集2018春




(解答例)The two maps show the development of a town called Toddingham during a 25-year period, 1975 to 2000. Looking at the information, it is clear that many changes took place and the population increased.

In 1975, the area was quite rural. The northern part had a large farm in the west, and woods in the east. There was only one road, which ran east to west in the southern part of the town. Between the woods and the road there were two factories. On the south-west side of the road there were several houses and a school.

By 2000, Toddingham had changed significantly and become more urbanised. One major change was the addition of a new road running north to south. In order to make the road, part of the woods were cleared. Another important development was that the farm had been replaced by a sports centre and large shopping mall. In addition, the number of houses grew, especially in the south-eastern part of town. Furthermore, a park and a car park replaced the factories. Finally, a second school was built near the main crossroads.





【書名】新セルフスタディ IELTS 完全攻略
【著者】Anthony Allan 著 / 片岡 みい子 訳

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