「ST」は紙名を新たに「Alpha」として2018年6月29日より新創刊しました。 Alpha以降の英文記事はこちら
「ST」は紙名を新たに「Alpha」として2018年6月29日より新創刊しました。 Alpha以降の英文記事はこちら

National News

Vinyl found in McDonald’s nugget in Tokyo


McDonald’s Japan has admitted another incident in which an in-edible object was found in a nugget, the media reported Jan. 6.

According to the fast-food giant, the latest case was reported on Dec. 31 from an outlet in Tokyo, after a customer who had bought chicken nuggets complained that a foreign object that looked like a piece of vinyl was in one of them, the reports said.

The latest incident comes on the heels of a similar case in Aomori Prefecture, in which a foreign object was found in a nugget sourced from a Thai company. (The Japan Times)



The Japan Times ST: January 16, 2015


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