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ESSC 50 ワードの英文エッセー 作品紹介


Extremely Short Story Competition の略で、50語ぴったりで英文ミニ・エッセーを書くコンテストです。短いながら、決まった文字数で一つの英文作品を書くことで、英語の表現力や発信力が身に付きます。

テーマ: yearend
By welcome職業:大学生

Yearend is something special for us, Japanese.
Christmas and New Year’s Day are also special.
Some will enjoy shopping or go to Universal studios japan or other place, some are otherwise.
Everyone spend their own special days respectively.
I will spend these special days in my workplace to welcome customers.

By ゆずき職業:大学生

I usually clean my house with my mother. I eat soba noodles and sushi with my family at home every year.We talk about memories of this year.That is enjoyable.In the night,we go to a shrine for countdown of new year.This yearend will be enjoyable too.

By Megmi職業:大学生

The end of year always come.
We look back things happened in the year.
I kept all of my memories, and I steped forward firmly with my family.
From now on… I will built a new family with my partner.
Our year-end which will come must be waiting new happy.

By Miku Sakamoto職業:大学生

I think back on this year.
January, Happy New Year!
February, month of shopping
March, enjoy a day out
April, started class
May, enjoyed school
June, birthday.
July, had a full agenda.
August, worked hard.
September, went traveling by car.
October, attended at job-hunting seminar.
November, school festival
December, job-hunting

By Daiki Kauchi職業:中学生

Hello. I'm dust.Now,you are in a room with me. It'll be the time of the end-of-year house cleaning soon. I will be discarded. It's a shame. Good-bye. Hello. I'm dust. Now you are in a room with me. Why I'm still here? That's right. He did not clean!!

By koeri職業:大学生

At the end of year,
my mother said “clean you room”.
I don’t want to do that.
Because I leave things
around my room,
so it’s hard to clean.
However, I clean my room!
Because my mother give me
much money at New Year’s Day
if I cleaned my room.

By 李倩職業:大学生

This year will finish. we are cleaning room and getting ready for a new year. The weather is very cold,but we're looking forward to being better. The people looking very busy. They're working hard,because the new year is new begin. I'm looking forward to the new year,too.

By 藤田佳予子職業:主婦

She plans to spend a lesurely time at the yearend, finishing New Year's preparation earlier. It's wonderful to listen to Chopin's nocturnes in the clean living room where flowers are beautifully arranged and window panes have no stains. But she knows that ideal is one thing and reality is another.

By 岸田麻衣職業:大学生

We pay a visit to Kitano Tenmangu on New Year's Day.
So, My family goes to my grandmother's house every yearend.
Niece who was born last year joins us for the first time.
I and my family meet her for the first time,we really look forward to meet her.

By 復活!本宮二朗職業:中学生

At the end of the year, most Japanese people spend their time with their families.
We eat Japanese traditional dishes and enjoy watching TV. They are great Japanese cultures and they make people happy.
We must think of this common practice and know the importance of being with family again.

By Hami職業:主婦

My pleasure as a child at the yearend was to watch the Red and White singing contest. When the show started, father, sister and I warmed ourselves at a kotatsu in front of TV. Although mother was still busy cooking Osechi, actually I wanted her to be there with us.

By Naoki Tsuno職業:中学生

It was great this year because it was decided that the Olympics will be held in Japan in 2020 and Mt.Fuji was registered as a World Heritage site. I was inspired and honored by them. I'm so proud as a Japanese. We're hopeful about Japan next year, are'nt we?

By Shotaro Misawa職業:中学生

Examination day is February 14th. Yes,it's St.Valentine's Day! I was not given chocolate this year. I thought maybe next year, but I won't get any next year either. I have a problem that I can't eat chocolate. So I will study hard at the end of this year.

By Sui Tanaka職業:中学生

When I look at the stars and the moon, I think about the coming new year. Please time, stop! I sometimes want nothing to change forever. Time passes with my family. My wish is to be fortunate. Time does not stop. So I pray. May happiness overflow next year,too.

By Ayane Maruyama職業:中学生

Good-bye 2013. Thank you. This year made me so happy. I heard the news that the Olympics will come to Japan. That made me glad. There are many things that made me happy,so I love this year. This year is my best friend. The next year will be,too!

By Ayato Fukushi職業:中学生

At the end of every year, I think of one Chinese charactor that represents my actions through the year. This year I thought up katsu which means lively, because I participated in various actions in my junior high school life. I am sure I will not forget this year forever.

By Shota職業:大学生

Every year my family has year-end in my grandmother’s house. I am looking forward to meet my relatives and get Otoshidama. I can get it until graduate university. This year is drawing to an end but I have many things to achieve. I think do my best to all things.

By MUIMUI職業:高校生

Every year, the more the end and dawn of the year approach, the busier everybody becomes. This year, my mother goes to the year-end party and my younger sister spends much time studying for the entrance examination. Also, I have three classes during the winter vacation. What a terrible time!

By 長屋 幸江職業:主婦

"Buzzword grand prize"was announced the other day.Four words
"baigaeshi""imadesho""jejeje"and"omotenashi"was chosen this year."Kanji of the year"will be announced soon.What kanji will be chosen?"Buzzword grand prize"and"Kanji of the year"becomes the topic of people,I feel yearend every year.

By 佐藤公喜職業:社会人

A yearend greeting card informed me of my young friend's death. I didn't know he had become sick. Staring at the card, I remembered him helping me with my move to a new house. Then a saying occurred to me: the gods' loved one passes away young. I missed him.

By matsumoto職業:高校生

Outside, the Christmas party is going on
I hear people’s creepy sound
Outside, the snowman is looking at me
Be careful of slippy ground
People gather people
To celebrate a new year
But I stay in my room
To be ready for the last doom
Time for university entrance exam

By しましま職業:大学生

I am college student still November.
But, I am job hunter since December.
There is no change in my being a college student.
But life cycle is changed.
I must find good company I work for long time.
Furthermore a few month.
I am sad that consciousness will changes suddenly.

By MiiiiiO職業:大学生

I’ll hear the bell of the New Year’s Eve this year.
Please remember the event of the year on New Year's Eve, hearing the bell. And a new year should pray strongly that it is a good year.
Then, the worldly desires which lurk in you counted 108 will disappear.

By Kanon Sugasaki職業:中学生

Talking of yearend, we have Chiristmas and get presents from Santa. Then New Year comes around, we get otoshidama. For us children, New Year is a chance to get presents. Oh,I've already got one this year. It's a ticket called 'a new school life'. Meanwhile I must study hard.

By Anna Omori職業:中学生

I have a worry. Don't display me too soon. Actually posing like that is really hard. If I'm not careful,the orange at the top of my head will fall down. While everyone in the house sleeps, I sometimes ease my body secretly. My season is ciming near. I'm kagamimochi.

By 中山かおり職業:主婦

How many new year's eves we spent with my parents at their house. They have already gone, but we will go and stay there with full of memories. No need of soba noodle, no need of temple belles. We can feel the atmosphere of yearend if only we stay there.

By たこ焼き職業:社会人

I like the yearend period because it looks like special. Japanese become to warm up most all the year round. Schools and most jobs are off, but everyone seems busy. It's weird, however, I think that's the interesting thing. I'm looking forward to watching people who look busy and hectic.

By TEAM WORK職業:大学生

In Japan, people pound mochi at the end of the year.
My family does it every year, too.
Everyone has a role.
Grandfather and father Steam sticky rice.
Machine pounds mochi.
Grandmother and mother break big chunk of mochi.
I and my sisters round mochi.
It makes us get together.

By Zawashi職業:大学生

At the end of a year we clean our houses and offices. That results from Japanese cultures.
Briefly, if we do not sweep our house at that time, God will not come there in next year. My room is littered with papers. Therefore I will try to clean up there.

By HIRO職業:大学生

Illuminations are shining in this season.
My heart is heating. My eyes are shining too.
Christmas songs make me happy. Outside is happy air.
We enjoy the season. We must to do anything.
But we should enjoy SIWASU days.
There are waiting many interesting events.
Do not catch a cold!

By compact職業:高校生

Snow is falling. She comes down to clean me up.
Bells are ringing. They reverberate to clean this year up.
When I open my eyes, the new year will come running.
He has no memory. He does not dye any color.
Well, what will I paint on the white canvas?

By 杉原 航太職業:高校生

I'll enjoy a Christmas party at my English conversation class.
Everybody brings a present to the Christmas party and excanges then.
For example, cake, candy, cookies, and chocolate.
I cooked many cookies last year and we ate then together.
I look forward to this annual event very much every year.

By アフロ・レイ職業:高校生

Young and old in japan celebrate New Year's Day. My grandparents are planning to come to our house to see my parents during the New Year holiday. It is a custom for my siblings and me get together at our parent's home on New Year's Day. Thank you for reading.

By railgun職業:高校生

I don't like Christmas much. Because I don't have a girl friend. I watch a lot of couples if I go down town on Christmas eve. For me it is unpleasant so I will spend it alone at home. I want to spend it with a girl friend next year.

By 渡邉 諒職業:高校生

People demand stimulation very much. If you can win the lottery, What will you do? Save? Live it up? The probability of winning is low. But, we are still going to buy them. It is very mysterious. While thinking so, I checked my lucky numbers but still lost this year.

By rina職業:高校生

Last yearend was tiring. I studied very hard because I was an examinee. And I went to extra classes every day. I always go to bed at ten but I went to bed at twelve during winter vacation. So this yearend I want to have a relaxing time My Kotatsu.

By C.C.職業:高校生

T am free on the last year. Therefure I will invit my friend to play games or watch TV. Bcause T dislike New Year's Eve's toshi koshi soba noodles T'll eat udon. T'll jump when we see the old year out with my friends. T like Omisoka very much. thank you for reading.

By Miyu職業:高校生

My family watch Kohaku utagassen every year. But this year is different. I will see the old year out at SPYAIR's concert at Zepp Nagoya in Aichi. Because I will go to the concert alone, I am worried. But it will be fun. I hope that yearend will come quickly.

By Sari職業:高校生

I was up all night on new years eve last year. At tha time I watched the changing from December 31 to January 1. At that moment, I stood on the boundary between the last year and the new year. I want to enjoy this mystery again. It is delightful.

By 葉山 智広職業:高校生

December 25, Santa Claus is busy. He must carry presents and recieve wishes from children without waking children up. There are many Santa Claus all over the world. He pleases children. He gives children presents equally. Santa Claus is loved by people all over the world, and his reindeers too.

By EXILEゆうき職業:高校生

Christmas is coming soon.  Christmas falls on a Wednesday this year. The Christmas illumination are dazzlingly beautiful. I get otoshidama from my parents. I am busy at yearend. Do the general house cleaning at yearend. I am planning to travel at yearend. I go to see a grandfather at yearend.

By sakura職業:高校生

Speaking of year-end, many people have their own plans. Everyone will watch NHK's Red&white year-end Kohakkuutagassen song festival. Everyone is expecting to recieve otosidama from relatives. I'm looking forward to seeing Christmas illumination. They are beautiful and make us happy. But I think winter vacation is too short for us.

By Hikaru職業:高校生

I like yearend, because every year Kagamimoti, Osechi and other things are broadcast in Japan's original commercials. The culture of Europe and America has spread in Japan, and Japanese culture has been lost recently. I think Japanese culture should go on in the future and should absolutely not be forgetten.

By Mio.I職業:高校生

Speaking of yearend for me is cleanup time. Cleanup time is important work. Because I thank my house for takin gcare of me for one year. When I find different things, I can remember events of the year. So I love cleanup time. I clean with my family and remember.

By CAPTIAN職業:高校生

I'm free at yearend so I'll sleep late. After sleeping I'll watch TV. After watching I'll play video games. After playing I'll eat orannges in the kotatsu. I like oranges . And I'll eat rice cakes in the kotatsu too. I like rice cakes very much too. I like newyear food.

By Naoki職業:高校生

I go to see illumination with a friend every year. It is very beautiful and I can forget all the unpleasant things of the last year. I can only see illmination like this at christamas time. I like castle shaped lights the best. I am very happy on that day.

By キラ・ヤマト職業:高校生

I'll hang out with my friends every eyer. I'll enjoyed card games and video games, karaoke, shopping. Card game is yuugiou. video games are mobile suit gundam extreme verses, mobile suit gundamuu extreme. This time of year is a lot of fun for me. I can't wait for this yearend!

By 風 編 i職業:主婦

The general houscleaning is a meaningful costom. I can also clean up my mind through the work. The garden swept up fallen leaves, shoji screens pasted with new paper, polishet windowpanes and all that are refreshing.
Can I clean away the dark cobwebs called secrecy law by New Year's Eve ?

By 塚本 惇職業:高校生

The man suddenly appeared.
He always exists by our side.
He knows everything what you are.
As it become colder and colder,
he prepares to start off for our memory.
At the last moment, he introduces us another man.
Nobody forgets the days which we spent with the man forever.

By 家村光子職業:大学生

My family cleans the whole house at the end of the year. For example repaper a shoji , dump trash.
I like cleaning , because my house and myself turn over a new.
I always think about happenings of the year when I'm cleaning. I think " I'll do my best next year ".

By kiyonko職業:主婦

No matter how much I miss you, no matter how desperately I try to hold you back, You'll have gone somewhere leave us behind by the end of this month. Though I'm sad to say goodbye, I sincerely express gratitude to you with a smile. I'll never forget this 2013.

By Tomcat職業:高校生

ne day I woke up, you showed off your white clothes.
In these yearend days, you frequently expose your beautiful shape with blue-sky.
You seem to be proud this year.
Don’t be shy, you became the proud of Japan to the World-Heritage
Congrats, Mt. Fuji. Stay calm and keep shining.

By SEALs職業:高校生

End of the year soba noodles. They are japanese culture. Many people eat them at the end of the year. Each region has different types. They are very good. Japanese people call them toshikoshi soba. Soba is thin,long and people wish for prolongtion of life and then eat them.

By Eina Y職業:高校生

I will go to a concert on Nagoya Dome on Dec 21 with my two sisters. The groups name is kanjani∞. I love them and have hoped to meet them for a long time. The event is my greatest yearend joy. "Let's begin to prepare to go to the concert."

By Emi M職業:高校生

There are many interesting evens in winter. Christmas, Yearend and New-Year! Evens make people happy. Peaple talk, have dinner, watch TV with family, friends, there girl friend, boy friend and other inportant people. And let people reflect on old year. People reflect on old year and memories make people lonely.

By SuA職業:高校生

My family usually go shopping, eat delicious food and watch TV. But I will go to New Zealand on January 4th. Next yearend, I will talk about my one year in New Zealand with my family and then say "Thank you for this year" and "HAPPY NEW YEAR"in English.

By yuka職業:高校生

Today is december 31. It is almost New year. Eat some toshikoshi-soba and sashimi. Treally love them. Because everybody smiles and catches happiness. T am happy about this Japanese tradition. How about your Year end? let is have our first wonderful dream of the new year and start a new year.

By JINONG K職業:高校生

"Aloha" My yearend in Hawaii. Downtown,beach,and Hotel balconies are bustling. Everyone waits for fireworks from the sea. What shall we do from now on? Then the countdown begin. A man plays a ukulele and a lady is dancing the hula. It's Hawaiian style. And then "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

By NINA.H職業:高校生

I will go to NewZealand in 2014. Therefore yearend preparation is very importhant. Going to NZ is really fun so, preparation to go to NZ is very fun too. Do you think I can make a great start in NZ ? YES ! I will enjoy oneself every day and study hard.

By T.O.P3職業:高校生

I will go to New Zealand to study abroad next year.
So, I want to spend an important time with my family at the end of this year. Until now, I have eaten my mothers meals without thinking about them and her love. I will miss my mother is meals.

By 林 達也職業:高校生

The New Year is coming soon . Some are happy and some are sad . Even the animals , the plants . And the buildings too ! ! When the countdown starts all get excited . 5 4 3 2 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ! ! All around the world , we are all very happy together at this time !

By Fernandez Bieber職業:高校生

I am going to appear in various shops. And I'll say "I will purchase all the goods from here to there". My shopping bags will fill. I have enough money to keep shopping more. I'm able to buy articles from all around the world. It has to be my future!

By haruka職業:高校生

Yearend. Christmas, having a happy time with family, Otoshidama. I think yearend is the busiest and the most exciting time in the year. I feel excited for the new year coming soon. But I sometimes feel a little bit sad. It feels like times goes by, leaving me all alone.

By Ayana職業:高校生

At the end of the year we have a big clean festival. It is a day to say thank you to our house for the year. But my room is very dirty at the moment. There is no place to walk so I'd better start to clean my room soon.

By maho職業:高校生

I have to clean my room at the yearend. I usually clean my room in my free time because I don't like a dirty room. But I think it's not enough to clean. For example my room's window is not clear. So I think I need to clean my windows.

By Yuka Sekimoto職業:高校生

I go to the temple to pray for the next year. I wish for my families good health in the next year. I always draw a fortune. I have never written a votive picture tablet so I will write one. I'm looking forward to it. I really love doing this.

By Shirakiya職業:高校生

My birthday is December 23rd which is the same as the emperor. The day is always a holiday every year, so I have never celebrated with my school friends at my school. But I don't care about it, because everyone can remember my birthday easier than others. So I'm happy.

By ぼん職業:高校生

I often go to a shrine with my friends to wait for the coming new year. We count down 5,4,3,2,1. Then we will eat Oshiruko and drink Amazake. It is so good. We will go to my friend`s house to stay over. We will enjoy.

By MOMI職業:高校生

Big cleaning will come at the yearend. I have to clean everywhere in my house. Of course I have to clean my room by myself too. I do not like cleaning so it is so hard for me every year. But I always do my best for my lovely family.

By 舞妓はん職業:高校生

We enjoy going to the temple because the year will change and we can
pray for the next year. I can get AMAZAKE and some snacks. but I
don't like AMAZAKE. Then the morning is coming and it is getting
cold. My feet will freeze like they're in a freezer.

By Mana職業:大学生

Summer Christmas and A New Year in Australia --- I'll experience them for the first time. It must be enjoyable!
However, I had never spent my yearend time without my family. Today is the last night before I leave Japan, so I feel lonely. I found I really loved them xx

By M. Oshima職業:主婦

By the end of this year, my grandson is expected to do homecoming from abroad after a couple of years. I've sent him an early Christmas card several days ago. I'll send him another message, hoping him to have a safe trip. His mother will surely do as I do.

By 小川 千加子職業:主婦

How fast time zips away!
My 82nd yearend is to come soon.
I trace back the year endowed me with.
I recall many people whose paths have crossed with mine.
Some have changed their habitat from here to eternity.
Others are ready to share more years to come with me.

By たけ氏職業:社会人

When it comes to yearend, I conceive the word "Nengajou" first.
Most of the Japanese are obsessed by the idea that if you're the people in Japan, you have to write Nengajou.
I'm fed up with the custom.
But I'll write, since I want my friends to send me Nengajou.

By ユキ職業:高校生

Looking back upon my 2013, it was filled with peace and happiness.
As a student in the third year of senior high school, I made a lot of good memories. And I passed the entrance examination for an university.
This year is the most delightful year that I ever had.

By たまちゃん職業:社会人

December is the most favorite month in a year for me.
There are two big events, Christmas and yearend holidays.
Furthermore, my birthday is also on this month.
this is a special day only for me.
I look forward to this day because I believe my family will celebrate

By みおなおママ職業:主婦

I have been in the hospital. I was always in a gloomy mood. But today, I am not what I was. I will jump out of bed, watch Kohaku on TV, eat Japanese noodles, and laugh in a cheerful mood with my adorable daughter and son at our sweet home.

By Motaro職業:大学生

The seasons going on, it became colder than any other season. It means 2013 period has been ending! How was the year? Could you tell a person whom you love your feeling? Or, Have you decided who you’re planning to be with at the year-end? Family? Lover? Or by yourself?

By 岡田美咲職業:高校生

I look forward to coming the yearend. Coming New Year's Day,I can receive New Year's gifts I am anticipating getting them.
However,the Test for University Admissions waits me next year. Saddly, I won't be able to enjoy even a yearend. So,I'll greatly want to enjoy this yearend.

By year-end職業:大学生

We spend our lives casually.
But everyone look back about this year on this day.
We remember about events which we experience this year.
Enjoy, happy, sad, excited, regret, angry, surprise…
We experienced various feelings and we meet last day with them.
Then, our next year will be wonderful, too!!

By 中安郁絵職業:社会人

In yearend, my mother cooks plenty of dishes.
She's busy cooking Osechi for new year.
I never realize the new year comes until eating Osechi.
In the tiered box, many kinds of dishes are stuffed.
We eat them greatfully for my mother because she spend so much time to prepare.

By R.K.職業:高校生

I wonder why they enjoy watching so absurb programs eating stuff like yarns. Don't they feel sicky? They have stuck at my throat once. While thinking such things, it hunched and fell asleep under a table with a heater and a quilt feeling warm softly and hearing a bell faintly.

By 高橋綾子職業:大学生

A relativi gathering only at the once a year yerend.
The passes early when I talk together.
There is an appetizing fragrance.
A gorgeous dish equals a table.
I eat while talking.
A dish disappears and parting approaches.
We say ‘see you next year’, and promise to meet next year.

By e-sen職業:大学生

One year passed much early, didn’t it?
Yes, I think so.
How about this year?
I was very busy. And you?
I was busy last year. This year, nobody focous on me.
I haven’t stood out since February too.
People forget us really early.
Next year, Mr horse’s tourn is.

By 家村光子職業:大学生

My family cleans the whole house at the end of the year.
For example repaper a shoji , dump trash.
I like cleaning , because my house and myself turn over new.
I always think about happenings of the year when I'm cleanings. I think " I will do my best next year ".

By だにえる職業:社会人

I feel this summer was long and hot, and then the year end suddenly came up in front of me. This year’s anomalous meteorological conditions could have thrown off my part of sense of order. Would Global climate change reverse people’s mind that should be good or bad for us?

By Minami Ogawa職業:大学生

Last New Year’s Eve, I cooked with my mother.
It was happy time.
When we cooked, my mother and I told the memory of last year.
Now, we do not live together.
We cannot talk any time and any place.
What will I talk about in this New Year’s Eve?

By saori職業:大学生

My home is the head family. Cousins gather in my home on December 31. My home is bustling than always. We eat a little luxurious dinner together. And, we eat buckwheat noodles eaten on New Year’s Eve at 21 o’clock. My mother makes deep-fried shrimp. I like it very much.

By b.yui職業:大学生

My family looks so busy.
Mom cooks Japanese New Year’s cuisine.
Dad cleans rooms.
Daughters write New Year’s cards for their friends.
However, I’m not busy.
I’m just in Kotatsu.
Here is so comfortable for me.
I don’t wanna go out of Kotatsu.
Oh, someone’s legs come in my place !

By Mizuki職業:大学生

Now the year is ending.
I tell you important things to do at year-end.
Firstly, you look back at the year!
Do you leave something behind?
Secondly, you pass along thanks to your parents!
You may be embarrassed.
Finally, let’s eat year-crossing noodles!
You will become happy.
Are you ready?

By doi shihomi職業:大学生

My parents are a barber.
When it’s the yearend, my parents write many New Year’s cards.
They write them by handwriting every year saying their hands hurt.
I said, ‘Why don’t you use a printer?’
They said ‘Handwriting could convey the feeling of thanks to the receivers better than printing.’

By はまひろ職業:社会人

The closer Christmas comes, the more colorful a view of the town comes to become.
I like such an atmosphere that something happy might happen.
When Christmas night is over, this restless mood suddenly turns into a ceremonious mood with Kadomatsu.
I’m bad at a rapid transformation without any afterglow.

By 副松勲職業:その他

My doctor diagnosed me as serious angina with arrhythmia. Based on the results of the periodic blood examination, the doctor prescrives me four different kinds of medicines. Thanks to the doctor's superb treatment, I can continue to live through this yearend,too.
my heart still throbbing
at year end

By yuka職業:中学生

I usually stay at my grandmother's house in the year-end.On New Year's Eve,I and my family talk a lot about what we did in the year and what we want to do next year.My parents are usually busy,so it's good for us to spend time together.

By 桜井とも乃職業:高校生

At the end of year,we are rather busy like tidying Christmas trees and general house cleaning.However,although we get tired and busy,we can work hard because of our excitement to eat New Year's noodles,while we watch the NHK singing competition on TV together as a family.

By 藤岡職業:高校生

Kotatsu is wonderful household utensils.
I would like to listen to bell of Joya in Kotatsu. Saying good-bye to thiis year without Kotatsu is outrageous. I think watching TV with eating oranges in Kotasu is best way to pass New Year's Eve.
Why don't we meet New Year in Kotatsu?

By POKO職業:社会人

Considering the time of yearend, I cannot help being excited with a smile. Why this happens? While thinking back on a year, I usually start to think about goals to be achieved next year. Like a journey, to envision the future in advance is fun and has lots of possibilities.

By ジュンニ職業:高校生

The earths people will count down with there family to welcome a new year. And then, everybody says "Happy new year" Then, Earths people will be together and watch a fireworks display in the beautiful sky around the world. And evrybody can finish one year and meet a new year.

By なかし職業:高校生

I like Christmas. Christmas is the most special day. We can spend time with our boyfriend, girlfriend, friends or family. Children are looking forward to a present from santa. We eat a special dinner and have christmas cake. Everyone around the world feels happy. We wish you a Merry Christmas.

By しなもん職業:高校生

I will watch "Kouhaku Utagassen". A lot of my favorite singers will appear. I'm really looking forward to AKB48. They are my most favorite singers. And I like miwa. This year's her first performance. Sexy Zone, too. So Kouhaku Utagassen is a very big event for me and everyone else.

By Sania職業:高校生

Christmas and New years day are very busy. Christmas is my favorite day in the year and also busy. Then, New years day is the busiest day in Japan. So Christmas to New years day is the busiest and my favorite season in the year. Im looking forward to it.

By koga職業:高校生

Yearend is the biggest event in a year for us. It will be so busy because of house cleaning, preparing for the next year and thinking about our next aims. Every year, I clean my bed room and reflect about what I achieved. I always make a wish at yearend